Facilities | Happy Days Too Nursery


Cradle Days

Within our newly refurbished Cradle Days and Little Steps sections of the nursery we offer a range of stimulating experiences to allow children the opportunity to explore their surroundings and develop relationships in a comfortable environment. Your Childs time with us will be challenging, exciting and motivating.

Stepping Stones and Busy Bees

Within the newly refurbished Stepping Stones and Busy bees sections of the nursery we offer a wide range of experiences to suit every Childs age and stage of development. Within these sections we understand that children learn through play. We offer a wide range of activities and experiences to allow children to explore and investigate their environment. Stepping Stones and Busy Bees are about promoting independence in children, setting children tasks and allowing them to achieve simple goals. Staff actively support children in their all round development, promoting independence at meal times, taking on and off shoes, developing positive relationships.

Little Scholars

Little Scholars caters for children in Pre and Ante pre-school for the age range 3-5. This large playroom gives the children the opportunity to develop at their own pace. Within the large spacious playroom with an outdoor area just off the room and the local park easily accessible we offer a learning environment that is rich and challenging for every child. Working in partnership with East Renfrewshire council we follow Curriculum Framework 3-5 to meet the developmental needs of all children.

Early Explorers

In the Early Explorers room our emphasis is on building relationships and forming positive friendships. Within the bright spacious playroom and the outdoor play area adjacent to the room the children will be offered challenging complex play experiences that will give them the skills they need. The children also enjoy a variety of activities such as weekly outings to the local library with the storyteller, daily visits to the local park and an independent dance teacher.


Within the classroom we offer opportunities for structured play. Children spend time in the classroom with the Teacher which allows the children the opportunity to work in small groups in the quiet and calm atmosphere of the classroom. There are a wide range of educational resources available for the children to work in groups or independently.